Call to arms

Too many kids die at the hands holding a gun. Twice as many children were killed in school shootings than U.S. military personnel killed in combat operations in 2018. In the U.S. we have a problem with keeping our children safe both in schools and at home in the communities. 666 children killed or injured in gun violence related crimes in 2018. Small number in contrast to the 2833 teens killed or injured last year alone.

This image represents our current psyche of millions of students who attend school everyday. With gun related crimes rising and mass shootings taking more lives. One can’t help, but to ask if we won’t protect our youth then who will? This question can hopefully start a conversation about what our plan as a society is to protect our future.


Download the file via the link below. Print as many copies as you want and wheat paste wherever you want. Share with the world and let’s bring awareness to this issue! * If this image is used In any other manner intended then a license for use is required. *